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High Level Force Powers (2.0)
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Stoffe (RevanAnt)
Mods > Force Powers

Average User Rating: 8.4
Number of Votes: 150
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High Level Force Powers (2.0) - File Description  

Been a while since this was released, but it's popular and the original review was in AOL speak... stick out tongue

Should you be unaware of what this mod does, it adds some, as the name implies, high-level Force powers to your game. Cheaters and non-cheaters alike should find it useful, as you can make it to about level 30 in TSL (and the highest-level regular powers at at 21). Details of the powers are found in the readme under this review, which explains them a lot better than I could. stick out tongue

And lastly, make sure you have the update for it!

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.

-Emperor Devon

High Level Force Powers (2.0) - Screenshots  
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High Level Force Powers (2.0) - File Download Options  

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Download from Worldwide Mirror by FileFront Download High Level Force Powers!

High Level Force Powers (2.0) - Readme  
Readme File:
* Minor tweaks and fixes to the scripts of various powers.
* Fixed bug with Force Incinerate, making it a Darkside power as described.
* Fixed an error with Incinerate that had a small chance of causing trouble when used in some game areas.

In The Sith Lords, you pretty much stop gaining access to new force powers after level 18, even though you can reach almost 10 levels beyond that while playing the game normally. To adress that and give some more variety, this Mod will add 18 new Force Powers to the game that are available above level 20. 6 new Lightside powers, 6 new darkside powers and 6 new Universal powers will become available.

Some powers have additional requirements as well. See below for more detailed info.

If you haven't already, run the installer application named "Install Force Powers.exe" that came with this mod. This will update the necessary game files and install the Mod into your game. Make sure that there is a folder named "tslpatchdata" present in the same folder the Installer application is. This folder contains essential data files the installer needs.

If you already have the first version of this Force Powers Mod installed you do not need to uninstall it first. Just run the Installer and it will update your existing files. IMPORTANT! Make sure all the files belonging to the mod are located in the main Override folder and isn't moved into any sub-folders or the Installer won't find them.

Remember that you must run this installer for the Mod to function, simply copying the files from the "TSLPatchData" folder will NOT work.

After installation is complete, just play the game, and you will be able to pick the new powers at levelup when you advance beyond level 20. The first become available at level 20 and the last at level 26.

Note that some powers are only available to the "Force Expert" classes; the Consular, Jedi Master and Sith Lord. Check the spell descriptions in the next section to learn of any prerequisites.

If you get any error messages during installation, there is a fair chance that the mod was only half-way installed. Leaving it that way will most likely cause trouble and crashes when you run the game. Check chapter 4 in this readme file for a list of files that makes up this mod, and delete any of those files you find in your Override folder. Then find the "backup" folder located in the same folder as the Installer for this mod, and copy those files into your Override folder. If there is a file named "dialog.tlk" in the "backup" folder, copy this file into your game folder (ie the one containing the swkotor2.exe executable) instead, replacing the modified file that exists there.

This mod currently adds the following 18 High Level force powers to the game:


Force Energize (NEW)
Light Side Power
Base FP Cost: 40
Prerequisites: Level 20, Consular, Jedi Master, Sith Lord

The Jedi can channel the strengthening energies of the Light Side through herself and her allies, temporarily boosting their hardiness. Those affected will get a bonus to Vitality equal to twice the level of the Force User, and a bonus to Defense equal to half the level of the Force User. In addition, all other force sensitive party members will get Force Points equal to twice the level of the force user restored to their force pool.This power lasts for 30 seconds.

Force Static Field (NEW)
Light Side Power
Base FP Cost: 50
Prerequisites: Level 21 Force User

The Jedi can use the Force to release a violent burst of static electricity in an area around the selected target. While this burst is completely harmless to organic lifeforms it will wreak havoc on the circuits of droids and other electrical systems such as turrets. When struck, a droid will either become confused and start attacking its allies, or it will briefly short out and be unable to take any action, or its sensors will become overloaded so it can only detect targets that come close to it or directly attack it. This power lasts for 30 seconds, though a successful Will save will reduce the duration to half.

Force Sleep
Light Side Power
Base FP Cost: 55
Prerequisites: Level 21 Force User

This power allows the Jedi to affect the minds of nearby enemies to put them in a sleep-like state, making them unable to take any action but to stand motionless. Since this leaves them unable to defend themselves, their Defense, Saving Throws and ability deflect blaster bolts all suffer a -10 penalty while affected. They will remain in this stupor for 12 seconds. This power cannot be resisted, though a successful Will save reduces the duration to 6 seconds.

Force Omniscience
Light Side Power
Base FP Cost: 45
Prerequisites: Level 22, Any Lightside Prestige Class

Omniscience grants the Jedi insight into the intentions of nearby enemies. This premonition about what is to come allows the Jedi time to defend against nearly any attack, while being fully able to exploit any weaknesses in the enemies may have. When active, Omniscience allows the Jedi to bypass the Defense of any enemy and always hit with their strikes. Further the Jedi gains a +12 bonus to Saving Throws, Defense and Blaster Bolt Deflection. The trance lasts for 20 seconds.

Force Protection
Light Side Power
Base FP Cost: 85
Prerequisites: Level 22 Consular, Jedi Master or Sith Lord

A skilled Force User can wrap the force around them like a shield, protecting them from harm. This power lasts for 200 seconds, and will protect the force user against 140 points of damage before dissipating. Due to the concentration required to maintain this protection, the force point regeneration of the force user is slowed by 25% while this protection is active.

Force Immortality
Light Side Power
Base FP Cost: 60
Prerequisites: Level 24, Any Prestige Class

Channeling the light side energies of the force through herself and her allies, a Jedi can counteract injuries and afflictions they are subjected to. For 36 seconds, all party members will be granted vitality regeneration equal to the level of the force user every 2 seconds. In addition, those affected become immune to poisons and ability penalties for the duration. Party members weaker in constitution will not safely be able to channel as much force energies through their bodies. Thus those who fails a fortitude save against a DC of 50 minus the level of the force user will only gain vitality regeneration at half the normal rate.


Force Hurricane (NEW)
Universal Power
Base FP Cost: 50
Prerequisites: Level 22, Prestige Class

Through the Force the surrounding air can be accelerated into a raging storm, lifting all nearby enemies off the ground and throwing them helplessly around for the duration of this power. Force Hurricane lasts for 12 seconds, though a successful Fortitude save allows a victim to free themselves after half that time. This power cannot be resisted since the Force doesn't directly affect the victims.

Force Bombard (NEW)
Universal Power
Base FP Cost: 75
Prerequisites: Level 22 Force User

An experienced Force User can collect gases from the air and focus them into concentrated streams that can be ignited. These streams, which bear some similarity to blaster bolts, may then be hurled at the Force User's enemies. The Force User can strike a target with a gas bolt every 2 seconds for the duration of the power, causing 1-4 damage per level of the Force User to the victim and other nearby creatures. The duration of the power is 6 seconds plus one second for every even level of the Force User above level 20 (ie extra bolts at level 24, 28 etc...). The victims may make a reflex save when struck by a bolt to cut the damage in half. The force user can only concentrate enough to maintain one Bombard power at a time.

Force Destruction (NEW)
Universal Power
Base FP Cost: 65
Prerequisites: Level 25 Force User

This power allows a Force User to draw large amounts of energies and concentrate them in a single spot centered on a target. When critical mass is reached, the energies explode violently in a manner similar to a small nuclear blast, causing damage to the target and all nearby creatures within a 5m radius. The force user can shield her allies somewhat from the blast, who will only take half damage. This power deals 1-7 damage per level of the force user to the target. A successful Reflex saving throw will reduce the damage to half.

Force Strike
Universal Power
Base FP Cost: 55
Prerequisites: Level 21, Sith Lord/Jedi Master

Force Strike concentrates the force energies of the surroundings into a series of intense energy bolts that will simultaneously strike the selected target. The bolts will inflict 1-8 damage to a single target for every level of the force user. The force of the Strike will throw the target to the ground and hurl any nearby creatures away from the impact. There is no known defense against this power.

Force Hold
Universal Power
Base FP Cost: 45
Prerequisites: Level 24 Force User

Hold will envelop a single target in a cloud of force energies, making them unable to move from the spot. The energy cloud will severely disorient its victim, making them unable to remain on their feet, and reduces their Attack, Defense and Saving throws with -10 while trapped in the cloud. It will also render them mostly oblivious to what goes on outside the cloud unless directly attacked. This power can be resisted, but offers no saving throw to avoid or reduce its effects.

Force Freeze
Universal Power
Base FP Cost: 55
Prerequisites: Level 23 Force User

Using the force to violently slow the atoms around a target, the force user can unleash blasts of intense cold centered around enemies within a limited radius. Each blast deals 1-4 cold damage for every 2 levels of the force user and instantly deep freezes the target. While frozen the victim suffers a -6 penalty to Attack, Defense and Saving throws. It will take 9 seconds for the victim to thaw enough to move, but even then the debilitating effects caused by numbing cold remains for another 6 seconds. A successful Fortitude save reduces damage and penalties by half. All enemies within a 5 meter radius of a blast will take splash damage, but suffer no other ill effects.


Force Contagion (NEW)
Dark Side Power
Base FP Cost: 60
Prerequisites: Level 24 Force User

Drawing on the dark energies of the force, the Force User can infect a group of enemies with a terrible, wasting disease that will severely injure and weaken its victims. The infection lasts for 60 seconds, during which the victims will take 20 damage and lose 1 point of Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma every 6 seconds. The force user can protect himself and his allies from the infection, but those not so lucky need to make a Fortitude save vs a DC of 100, making it nearly irresistible. Creatures immune to poisons, like droids, are unaffected by this Power.

Leech Life Force (NEW)
Dark Side Power
Base FP Cost: 40
Prerequisites: Level 22 Force User

This vile use of the Force steals life essence from the a target and imbues the Force User with that essence. The selected target will be drained of 6 points of Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma while the Force User will receive a corresponding bonus. The victim will also be slowed for the duration, while the force user is speeded up. This power can not be fully resisted, but a successful Will saving throw will reduce the penalties to 4 and cut the speed penalty in half. The effects of this power lasts for 36 seconds.

Force Weaken
Dark Side Power
Base FP Cost: 65
Prerequisites: Level 22, Any Prestige Class

This vile use of the force will drain the life force of a single selected target, using it to boost the dark side aura of the surroundings. The target will be drained of 50% of their current vitality points and suffer a -10 penalty to their Defense, Saving Throws and Premonition (ability to deflect blaster bolts) for 9 seconds. They will also be slowed for the duration. This power can not be resisted, but a successful Will saving throw will reduce the vitality drain to 33% of the current health, and the penalties to -5.

Chain Lightning
Dark Side Power
Base FP Cost: 50
Prerequisites: Level 22 Force User

The force user can unleash a torrent of electricity at a target. The lightning bolt will forcefully strike the target, causing damage and debilitating pain, and then arc to the next nearest enemy and do the same. The bolt will not stop until it has struck all nearby enemies, or until it loses strength and fizzles after 2 seconds. Every target struck by the bolt will take 2-7 damage for every level of the force user and suffer a -4 penalty to their stength, dexterity and their fortitude and reflex saves for 9 seconds. A successful Reflex save cuts the damage and penalties in half.

Force Grip
Dark Side Power
Base FP Cost: 35
Prerequisites: Level 25, Any Prestige Class

The force user can hold immobile and constrict a single opponent, slowly crushing the victim to death. The Grip will cause 15 damage every 3 seconds to its victim until either the victim dies or manages to make a Fortitude save. A successful save allows the target to break free of the Grip, but will take 20 falling damage as they are thrown to the ground by the backlash of force energies. This force power cannot be resisted, and offers no initial save to avoid its effects alltogether.

Force Incinerate
Dark Side Power
Base FP Cost: 70
Prerequisites: Level 26, Any Prestige Class

While even a lowly apprentice can use the Force to create heat and light small fires, a Master can put this ability to devastating use as a weapon. This terrible power will lift a single target off the ground and set them ablaze in roaring flames. The victim will be held and burned for 12 seconds, sustaining fire damage equal to one and a half the level of the force user every 2 seconds. This force power cannot be resisted, but a successful Fortitude save will cut the duration in half.

When you run the Installer initially, it will create backup copies of any existing files it modifies. These files will be placed in a new folder named "backup", located in the same folder as the Installer. To uninstall the mod, delete any files that were placed in your Override folder, then copy the content of the Backup folder back into your override folder, EXCEPT the file named "dialog.tlk". Copy dialog.tlk back to your game folder instead, overwriting the modified dialog.tlk file that already exists there. The following files were added to your Override folder when you installed this mod:

(Force power icons)

(Force power scripts)

(2DA files)

In addition, 45 new entries have been added to your dialog.tlk file. Restoring the unaltered backup the installer made will get rid of them, although it likely will not cause any trouble to just leave them be.

This Mod should be compatible with any other Force Power mods, so long as those other Mods have been installed before this one is installed, and doesn't have any new NCS scripts or TGA icons named the same as the files that make up this one. The Installer will update any of the other files it needs if they already exist in your Override folder, rather than overwrite them. The following game files will be modified, if already present:


This Mod is also compatible with an already installed first version of the High Level Force Powers Mod. If you already have that installed, the Installer application will modify the existing files and update them to the current version. If you do not have the first version installed already, all needed files will be installed by this version.

IMPORTANT! The installer will not look for existing files within sub-folders of the Override folder, just in the Override folder itself. If you have modified versions of any of the above listed files (except dialog.tlk) sitting in sub-folders, move them up into the Override folder before running the Installer. This is to avoid ambiguity in case several files with the same name exists in different folders.

High Level Force Powers (2.0) - User Comments  
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