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The Redemption of Yuthura Ban
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The Redemption of Yuthura Ban - File Description  

Warning: This mod review will contain spoilers for the original KotOR

jimbo32 makes his Filefront modding debut with possibly one of the most anticipated mods of the last three years: his
"Redemption of Yuthura Ban" mod. Yes, this mod allows you to recruit Yuthura Ban on Korriban, following the duel in the tomb of Naga Sadow, if you can convince her to rejoin the Light Side. Yuthura will replace Juhani, who will return to the Academy courtyard.

The mod allows for Yuthura to take Juhani's place almost entirely, and to rescue the player on the Leviathan later in the game in place of Juhani. The mod also comes with a pair of unique lightsaber hilts for Yuthura, made by T7Nowhere and originally seen in the "Weapons of the Old Republic" mod, here slightly reskinned. The mod also has a new light-side reskin for Yuthura, and a set of robes for the character.

The mod makes use of the TSLPatcher for compatibility with other mods, and the author makes specific mention of the mod's compatibility with the aforementioned "Weapons of the Old Republic", while the mod also contains a compatibility fix for the Yuthura robes in the game in order to make them compatible with the "Kotor Jedi Robe Model" mod by Xavier2 and Prime. In addition to this, there is provided a small dialogue fix for use after completing the Unknown Temple.

While the mod removes all of Juhani's dialogue, side-quests, banter, and journal entries, it does not add any new dialogue or sidequests for Yuthura, which the author is quite clear about. It is, however, still the most comprehensive and polished recruit mod that has been uploaded to KotORFiles in a long time. What the mod does offer is comprehensiveness - of compatibility options, and of replacement. In some recruit mods, the new character can end up speaking the dialogue of the character they replace, which can cause problems.

Happily, this mod contains no such issues, however, and this attention to detail is what marks this mod out from the crowd. It shows up again in the carefully-crafted character textures, compatibility fixes, and the inclusion fo weapon models, and while a sidequest and some dialogue with the new character might have been nice, these are not essentials, and the author's efforts in other areas more than make up for this. That the author will continue to create mods of this high quality is to be hoped for.

Mod Rating: Advanced

NB: Please leave constructive criticism, particularly if you download and use this mod, as the download-counter isn't very informative.

-Darth InSidious

The Redemption of Yuthura Ban - Screenshots  
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The Redemption of Yuthura Ban - File Download Options  

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The Redemption of Yuthura Ban - Readme  
Readme File:
The Redemption of Yuthura Ban -
A Recruitable Companion Mod for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR)

Initial Release: May 06 2010
By jimbo32
(I can be contacted via Private Message at Lucasforums - http://www.lucasforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=321 )


About the Mod:

This is a recruitable companion mod for KotOR 1. It will allow you to replace Juhani with former Sith apprentice Yuthura Ban. When recruited, Yuthura will join with her own custom sabers (courtesy of T7Nowhere), and a custom skinned Jedi Robe. Unfortunately, my modding skills (and/or energy and devotion) aren't up to the task of creating custom dialogue or quests, but I think I've eliminated most of the annoyances that go hand-in-hand with "quicky" recruit mods.

I was inspired to make a recruit mod for Yuthura after T7Nowhere released his amazing "Weapons of the Old Republic" (WotOR) mod. He made two incredible saber models for her, and while it was cool to use them, it seemed to me that they'd look much better in her hands rather than my PC's.

Since I always play as a LS Jedi (and turn her from the DS), I started with a LS re-skin - which I think looks decent despite my dodgy skinning skills. Since she isn't a required part of the story, I replaced Juhani. The whole transition is fairly seemless (I think), since I used scripts to remove Juhani and replace her with Yuthura. Juhani's journal entries will be removed, and she'll return to the Academy courtyard. All instances where Juhani has dialogue will also be removed. In addition, it's possible for Yuthura to perform the rescue on the Leviathan, where her skills and behavior will match Juhani's. I've added a stealth belt in Yuthura's "hide" slot, so she can use Force Camouflage for the rescue. The only glitch I was unable to get rid of is Carth referring to Juhani following the rescue, but I think that's a relatively small annoyance. Yuthura will also join you at the the temple on the Unknown World, and all instances where Juhani would've had dialogue there have been removed.

Note that T7's saber models are exactly the same as those included with WotOR. The only difference is in the alternate skin that I made for her Sith saber (the pommel stone is now green rather than red). The Sith saber also now has a green blade. Everything is fully compatible with the sabers included in WotOR - her new sabers are completely different items.



For most users, simply running the Install .exe will suffice. This will copy all the neccessary files to your KotOR override directory and (if neccessary) modify any required *.2da files that are already in the folder.

For a manual install, it gets a bit more tricky. If you have no other mods installed, you should be able to just paste everything into override - with the exception of the dialogue files. However, if you're using any mods which use the same *.2da files as this one, you'll need to do some manual editing with KototTool (or another 2da editor). There are entries in some of the 2da's which reference row numbers in one or more other 2da files (if that makes any sense). While stoffe's TSLPatcher exe will update these entries dynamically depending on your other installed mods, you'll need to do it yourself.

As with the 2da files, there are several dialogue files (*.dlg) which are dynamically modified by the patcher while remaining in their module files (*.rim). Due to BioWare's re-use of filenames, this was neccessary to prevent conflicts within the mod itself (a few required scripts and dialogues had identical names).

For assistance with 2da editing and merging, please visit Holowan Labs at Lucasforums - ( http://www.lucasforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=324)


Possible Mod Conflicts:

Any recruit mods which replace Juhani will definitely not be compatible.

It's likely that any mods which contain changes to Yuthura will be in conflict with this one. I did, however, ensure that there are no issues with T7's WotOR.

It's also possible that there are other mods which use the same scripts and dialogue files, although I haven't found any. My override is fairly cluttered with stuff, and I haven't had any trouble. Please let me know if you find any conflicts, and I'll see what I can do to fix them.


- Although it isn't neccessary to start a new game to get the full benefits of this mod, you should install it before visiting Korriban. In addition, Korriban must be the second or third star map acquired (including map number one on Dantooine). Otherwise, it won't be possbile to meet her on Dantooine.
- Yuthura can only be recruited by Light-side PC's who have successfully "turned" her following the fight with Master Uthar.



- T7Nowhere for allowing his amazing sabers to be included in the mod. His Weapons of the Old Republic (WotOR) mod is highly recommended.

You can find it here:
http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=173733 (Lucasforums thread)
http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/Weapons_of_the_Old_Republic;74001 (Filefront download)

- centenar for playtesting

- stoffe, Darth333, RedHawke, SithRevan, Inyri, and Pavlos for their help while I was fumbling around with scripting.

- T7Nowhere, stoffe, Mav, Prime, svosh, ChAiNz, Achilles, Darth333, RedHawke, oldflash, and Grif Vindh for their outstanding mods which are fixtures in my override.

- tk102, Fred Tetra, cchargin, and stoffe for their excellent tools which make KotOR modding possible.

To all of the patient folks at Lucasforums who've been waiting three years (!) for me to finish the mod.


PERMISSIONS: This mod may not be used without the explicit permission of the author. This mod may not be distributed on other sites without the express permission of the author.


The Redemption of Yuthura Ban - User Comments  
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 Expand#2 - T3-M4 - Posted by: Lindale (Member) - 05-08-2010 at 20:15

 Expand#3 - Posted by: jimbo32 (Member) - 05-08-2010 at 21:25

 Expand#4 - Posted by: scarletguard (Member) - 05-09-2010 at 00:55

 Expand#5 - Posted by: SithLord_Darkon (Member) - 05-09-2010 at 02:01

 Expand#6 - Posted by: jimbo32 (Member) - 05-09-2010 at 02:14

 Expand#7 - Posted by: uroll (Member) - 05-09-2010 at 05:42

 Expand#8 - Posted by: scarletguard (Member) - 05-09-2010 at 11:04

 Expand#9 - Posted by: mr_dad (Member) - 05-09-2010 at 11:24

 Expand#10 - Posted by: rc2212payback (Member) - 05-09-2010 at 14:04

 Expand#11 - Posted by: jimbo32 (Member) - 05-09-2010 at 15:28

 Expand#12 - Posted by: MatmanDude (Member) - 05-09-2010 at 16:02

 Expand#13 - Posted by: Karl1970 (Member) - 05-09-2010 at 22:49

 Expand#14 - Posted by: Ja_ngo (Member) - 05-10-2010 at 04:25

 Expand#15 - Posted by: maddmaxx1200 (Member) - 05-10-2010 at 17:11

 Expand#16 - Posted by: jimbo32 (Member) - 05-13-2010 at 15:20

 Expand#17 - Posted by: jack4545 (Member) - 05-13-2010 at 18:20

 Expand#18 - Posted by: jimbo32 (Member) - 05-13-2010 at 18:29

 Expand#19 - Posted by: JediExcel (Member) - 06-15-2010 at 12:05

 Expand#20 - uh oh!!!! - Posted by: Super_Death (Member) - 08-04-2010 at 19:54

 Expand#21 - @20 - Posted by: simplestarwarsfan (Member) - 09-05-2010 at 09:05

 Expand#22 - DS - Posted by: Goldinguy (Member) - 12-07-2010 at 08:09

 Expand#23 - Purple Yurtha - Posted by: Goldinguy (Member) - 12-09-2010 at 09:10

 Expand#24 - Do you guys take Mod Requests? - Posted by: LordofHATE (Member) - 01-05-2011 at 13:02

 Expand#25 - Posted by: jimbo32 (Member) - 01-08-2011 at 12:19

 Expand#26 - Posted by: jimbo32 (Member) - 01-08-2011 at 12:28

 Expand#27 - HOW???????? - Posted by: EONETIC (Member) - 05-03-2011 at 19:40

 Expand#28 - Posted by: jimbo32 (Member) - 05-09-2011 at 15:04

 Expand#29 - Thx - Posted by: EONETIC (Member) - 05-09-2011 at 17:34

 Expand#30 - Somethings not working - Posted by: AJtheRemixer (Member) - 07-13-2011 at 21:50

 Expand#31 - Posted by: AJtheRemixer (Member) - 07-13-2011 at 21:58

 Expand#32 - Posted by: AJtheRemixer (Member) - 07-13-2011 at 22:03

 Expand#33 - can someone help me? - Posted by: kirk1994 (Member) - 09-27-2011 at 11:22

 Expand#34 - Posted by: jimbo32 (Member) - 10-02-2011 at 17:14

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