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Vibrosword replacement pack
Filename: dm_cyber_swords.rar

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Average User Rating: 9.7
Number of Votes: 13
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Vibrosword replacement pack - File Description  

Darth_DeadMan returns to us here at KotOR Files with a very exciting and innovative modification for the second Knigths of the Old Republic game: The Sith Lords. This modification remodels the vibroswords in game, the models are well done and look much better than the standard in game models. The vibroswords also have integrated into the model have what looks like a glowing lightsaber part to there blade. This modification has been done to a high standard, and personally I never liked the idea of a sword being able to fight stop a lightsaber, I think that this mod addresses this, all in all this is a modification highly recommended by myself. As with all aesthetic modifications a review of the screenshots will prove most beneficial in assessing if this particular modification is to your individual tastes.

Enjoy! -- jonathan7

Please leave the author praise and constructive criticism; which are often far more valuable than rating mods...

Mod Rating: Advanced

Vibrosword replacement pack - Screenshots  
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Vibrosword replacement pack - File Download Options  

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Vibrosword replacement pack - Readme  
Readme File:
"Vibrosword replacement pack" for SW: KotOR 2: The Sith Lords
By DeadMan

1. What is this?
I've got tired of standart ingame vibroswords and was looking for mods which will replace them with high(er) quality models.
While looking for KotOR models I've found an intresting mod for Jedi Academy made by RevanDark which added tons of new weapons. I especially liked the look of 'Cyber Ninja' swords and I thought it will be great to have such swords in KotOR...

So, this mod will replace standart vibroswords with cool "Cyber Ninja" swords. I've managed to convert models and re-create glowing effect for the blades.
Mod will not change stats of weapons.

2. Installation.

Just drop all files (except this readme) to your Override.

3. Credits:
- RevanDark for creating original models for Jedi Academy.

Conditions of use:
- You are free to use this mod for your own personal use.
- You can upload this mod to any sites without my permission, as long as you don't modify anything and include this readme.
- If you want to include these models to your own public mod - I must give you permission first. If you get my permission give proper credit to me.




Vibrosword replacement pack - User Comments  
The following comments are owned by the user that posted them. KOTOR 2 Files is not responsible for their content.

Total comments: 14 | Last comment: 01-07-2013 at 14:00

 #1 - 09-13-2010 at 12:48
Joined: January 5th, 2010
Posts: 218
Oh man, these are dirty... can't wait to use them.

 #2 - 09-13-2010 at 12:57
From: (VA)
Joined: July 10th, 2009
Posts: 135
Wow man, nice. I honestly thought some one would have made something like this already, good to see it done well.

 #3 - 09-13-2010 at 13:33
Joined: November 27th, 2008
Posts: 156
1 of 2 things is happening here... Either you ported these from JKfiles, or you are really good at making the EXACT same thing in a different game engine. I guess either way it's cool, so 10/10 if a KOTOR 1 one is made.

 #4 - good - 09-13-2010 at 15:09
From: (Maienfeld)
Joined: July 17th, 2009
Posts: 286
These are a novel idea, and quite a much-needed one. Keep up the good work. This easily earns a 10/10.

 #5 - 09-14-2010 at 06:35
Joined: August 4th, 2007
Posts: 13
Woweek!. These look really awesome. How about other vibroblades and double-bladed swords...are these included too?

 #6 - 09-14-2010 at 07:21
Joined: November 19th, 2009
Posts: 53
Downloaded allready, really awesome work smile

 #7 - Awesomeeee! - 09-17-2010 at 15:20
From: (Mendoza)
Joined: December 12th, 2005
Posts: 246
VERYYYYY impressive replacement DD eek! I have to fully agree with jonathan7 revision about the fact that these flickering blades definitely give vibroswords a reasonable and -I think- necessary lightsaber sparring "deflection feat" ...

even the blue model matches perfectly the Echani vibrosword description with its ability to generate COLD damage ... amazing dude.

if I have to rate this ... 1000/10 ... big grin

 #8 - 09-19-2010 at 09:55
From: (hessen offenbach)
Joined: August 31st, 2010
Posts: 3
perfect^^Rock 10/10

 #9 - 09-24-2010 at 12:20
From: (California)
Joined: April 9th, 2010
Posts: 11
Well obviously none of you really read into the lore of star Wars so I'll educate you.
Vibroswords during this time period and pretty much any time period as long as force users used lightsabers, Have been made with Cortosis Weave. Cortosis is a rare mineral that when purified and used to make armor,weapons, etc. Can have lightsaber deterrent Abilities. Which means it can take on a Lightsaber and not get sliced in half,Couple this with the vibration feature of the Vibroswords you get a non force user's Lightsaber essentially. This was to give troops a chance against Jedi and Dark Jedi,as we all know Lightsabers are Over Powered against everything. So THATS why the vibroblades and swords can fight sabers. Because they are made with Full Pure Cortosis which can effectively short out a saber,or Cortosis weave which makes it able to spar,though constant contact will eventually destroy the blade.

 #10 - 09-24-2010 at 12:21
From: (California)
Joined: April 9th, 2010
Posts: 11
other than that I think this mod is awesome looks extremely well done.

 #11 - haha ha - 09-29-2010 at 14:34
From: (Mendoza)
Joined: December 12th, 2005
Posts: 246
well now THAT enlightened me a little KoroushhNzzrak138 wink ... anyway, I still like the idea of destroyable blades after sparring for a while (a long while maybe??) even though that doesn't occur in the game right? smile

 #12 - ARG - 10-10-2010 at 11:22
From: (Woking)
Joined: October 10th, 2010
Posts: 3
I love the look of this mod, but what about KOTOR 1? I want this mod for KOTOR 1 cause it is all that runs on my machine.

 #13 - 10-10-2010 at 20:50
Joined: March 10th, 2007
Posts: 12
2 Yesserc:
K1 version is in my work plans, but I have other projects I'm working on, so it could take some time.

 #14 - 01-07-2013 at 14:00
Joined: July 13th, 2006
Posts: 110
Excellent, beautiful models! There are few sword models in the game that I wouldn't like to change though, like the 2 Sith Swords. So I just want to know the specific names of the Vibroswords you are replacing so I can pick which models to place in the Override and which to leave out.

vbroswrd_001 probably replaces the standard vibrosword, and vbroswrd_002 is the Echani Vibrosword right? What are the other 4 swords in the game and which files do they correspond to? Thanx a lot and again awesome models.

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